Guide of Navigation

The state secretariat for Public Service offers citizens an Internet portal,, through which you can access information and services.

The portal has been designed with a content and structure of a navigation system based on guarantee maximum usability and accessibility to the user.

In order to make it available to users a little guide of navigation, below explains briefly how the contents of the portal

The web pages is structured into several sections:

1. Header of the portal:

This header remains constant in the different web pages.

By clicking on the institutional shield of the Ministry, you can return to the home page of the portal at any time.​

To view the version of the portal in a language other than Spanish (default language), you must select the desired language in the tab on the right (Castellano, Galego, Euskara, Valencià, English)

Content can be searched by entering a text to the left of the magnifying glass icon.

In the central area of the header shows the main sections of the portal: secretariat of state of public service, Public Governance, incompatibilities and conflicts of interest.

2. Central zone of contents:

The portal information is located in the central part of the pages.

On the cover there are links to the prominent areas of the portal, as well as to relevant external sources.

Once we enter in a section you can use the left side menu to move around the same. It can be used in the breakdown of reporting lines to navigate, which is located at the top of the central component.

3. Footer

The footer remains constant throughout the different pages.

Displays the structure of the portal in sections and subsections, you can access each of them by clicking on the corresponding link.

Shows the links to the following pages: a guide of navigation, map, Contact, legal notice and accessibility.

In the area of the right is presenting the different social networks of the state secretariat for Public Service, each of them by clicking on the corresponding icon.

How to navigate through the portal?

Within each section you can use the left side menu or the breakdown of the office of the top.

In any case you can use the menus of the header and footer to access the different sections and subsections.

Pinchando en el logo institucional de la cabecera se puede volver a la página de inicio del portal.