About us

The Central Register of personnel (RCP) is the trail of the General state administration. It registered acts and resolutions affecting the lives of personnel included in its scope. Is regulated by royal decree 1/1999 of 30 december, which amends the rules of procedure of the Central Register of personnel and coordination with those of the remaining Public administrations.

The Sub-Directorate General of the Central registry is the unity of the directorate General for the civil service to hold the Head of the Central register of personnel and is responsible for its management, as well as the statistical analysis of information contained in the Register.


The mission of the Central register of personnel is to register information relating to life of administrative staff of the General state administration to facilitate the management and human resources planning.


The vision of the Central register of personnel is a pillar of the system of information of the General state administration: an instrument capable of providing dynamic and forward it for decision-making in the planning and human resources management, and reflect the different milestones in the administrative life of a public employee.


  • Commitment to the units of staff: collaboration with the competent units in planning and management of human resources and their information needs.
  • Guidance to public employees: in the performance of its functions, the RCP, handling the interests of public employees, as the origin and rationale of its existence.
  • Legality: strict enforcement of the rules relating to public service and other applicable legislation.
  • Transparency and protection of Personal data: exercise of the functions attributed with respect for the balance between access to information and personal privacy.
  • Innovation and continuous improvement: commitment to proactivity, motivated in the pursuit of development through innovative solutions.
  • Resolution, effectiveness and efficiency: guarantee of the proper implementation of the objectives and tasks entrusted to the RCP, always optimizing available resources.
  • Ética y Responsabilidad: el personal al servicio del RCP mantendrá un trato respetuoso y el mayor empeño y grado de atención en el desempeño de sus tareas.
  • Excellency, the follow-up on previous values will enable the RCP perform their duties with utmost quality possible.