What kind of certificates can apply?

  • File

Certificate as a whole of the seats in the RCP. Having a wider application, its broadcast may be less quickly than that of the certificates on specific issues are highlighted below. It is therefore advisable to adjust the application of the certificate to the data that are really needed.

  • Status

By Bodies, ladders and Conventions.

  • Destination
  • Level staff
  • Qualifications, courses and merits
  • Versions of post
  • Licences
  • Sanctions
  • Modification of day
  • Trienniums and maternity service

Certificate request

Important notes:

Note that if you only want to consult might the RCP for information, can make a personal consultation of the record and request a report. These reports are drawn automatically, at the time, without having to carry out any application.

In addition, theheadquarters of WorkandCitizen folderyou can get the official registry fees associated with seats.

The Central Register of personnel (RCP) does not issue reports of Working Life (the General treasury of the Social security system) or certificates of services provided (ilçe staff units of different ministries or agencies).