What data are reflected in the Central Register of people?

In the Central Register of personnel (RCP) is included, in general, the staff of the General state administration, in accordance with the scope of its rules of procedure (Royal Decree 1/1999 of 30 december, which amends the rules of procedure of the Central Register of personnel and coordination with those of the remaining public administrations).

In this register there are no data of military personnel, of the armed forces and law enforcement agencies, the autonomous communities, Local Entities, administration of justice, Health Institutions of the national health system and constitutional bodies, as well as other government agencies whose staff are not governed by general rules of public service, except when positions included in the relations of personnel positions of the official AGE and its agencies. In these cases are listed in the Cpr, but only data of their working activity in the General state administration.

On the content of the information should also be taken into account that the quality of the same will be further from the first regulation of the RCP (1986) and the adoption of the first Foreign jobs (1988-1990).