HOW data are lacking or is incorrect data in his personnel file?

The Central Register of personnel (RCP) conducts its annotations on the basis of the notification of administrative acts by personnel management adopted by the competent managers through the official set up for the purpose (please note that the incorporation of these documents may take several days). Therefore, as a general rule, if detected an error or omission of data, should be directed to the centre of management to correct the error or omission in and submit the registration document with the correct data to the RCP.

However, sometimes, the RCP corrected, ex officio or at the request of the employees concerned, typographical errors or materials (for example: date of birth wrong).

In that case, if you find errors materials, please refer, in exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, the Sub-Department of the Central register of Personal application in the general registry, which will address these ex officio, findings of the justification document.

Notice specific to the civilian labour ministry of defence — The information sent to the RCP by the ministry of defence concerning their civil, labour refers to acts produced from 2/12/1998, when there was the entry into force of the convention Only to the Labour of the General state administration ”. There is currently the possibility to pick up in the personal files data prior to that date.