Sub-directorate General of the Central register of Staff

About us

The Central Register of personnel (RCP) is the trail of the General state administration. It registered acts and resolutions affecting the lives of personnel included in its scope. Is regulated by royal decree 1/1999 of 30 december, which amends the rules of procedure of the Central Register of personnel and coordination with those of the remaining Public administrations. (Continue reading)


  • The management of the Central register of personnel.
  • The monitoring and analysis of the salaries of elected officials and employees of the administrations of the autonomous communities and entities that are members of the Local administration.


El Registro Central de Personal tiene su origen en el artículo 12 del Decreto 315/1964, de 7 de febrero, por el que se aprueba la Ley articulada de Funcionarios Civiles del Estado. (Continue reading)

Some figures

In the Central Register of Personal data is stored almost 2,000,000 employees, of which over 300,000 is on file with any of the Public Administrations to serving the Central Register of Staff. In the past 10 years there have been an average of 40,000 registration for the year, with a clear upward trend since the year 2015, and nearly 500,000 annotations to the year, so that there are more than 20 million stored documents.


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