Assistant Director-General of the Central register of Staff

Clara Martín Moreno

Born in Bilbao in 1981.

Career officer of the higher Civil Administrators of the state from 2009 (XLV promotion) and her law degree at the Universidad del país Vasco (UPV/EHU, 2004).

Speak english (C1); knowledge of french, portuguese and basque.

Has developed his professional career in the General state administration in the field of human resources and the organization. Today, and from 2015 is Assistant Director-General of the Central register of personnel, the Directorate General for the civil service, and therefore exercises the functions entrusted to it by the Royal Decree 863/2018, of 13 july, which develops the basic structure of the ministry, seized of the management ofThe Central Register of Staffand in the preparation of theStatistical Bulletinthe service of staff in the public administration and other public employment statistics.

Previously he served the subdirectorate General Organization of the directorate-General of Administrative Organization and procedures, the sub-department of Management procedures, Staff belonging to the directorate General for the civil service, and in the subdirectorate General for human resources and inspection of the Ministry of Interior.

It has also been a member of the court of evidence for the selective access to management Coaching (A2) of the Madrid city council and the court of the work of the Higher degree of civil administrators of the state, as well as a partner to professor INAP and other agencies for the delivery of courses in human resources.