Excedencia por violencia de género

Implementing legislation

The situation of unpaid leave for violence is regulated by:

Assumptions and requirements

Women victims of domestic violence, for your protection or their right to integral social assistance, shall be entitled to apply for leave without having to have provided a minimum time and without pre-construction is required length of stay at the same.



  • During the first two months of this leave the staff member shall be entitled to Full compensation and, where appropriate, family benefits for children.

Calculation of on-call time and return to active duty

  • During the first six months shall be entitled to the reservation of the post of work for periods, the said period for the purposes of seniority, career and rights of the Social security system that is applied
  • When judicial proceedings demanded it may extend this period of three months, with a maximum of eighteen, with effects identical to those specified above, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the right of protection of the victim.

Competent body to his statement

The competent body to the declaration on the unpaid leave for gender violence is the under-secretary of the department where serviced by the staff member.