Competencias y formación en evaluación de políticas públicas

Article 16Law 27/2002 of 20 december, the institutionalization of the evaluation of public policies in the General state administrationstates that “ the state agency for assessment of public policies, in collaboration with the national institute of public administration and, where appropriate, with the institute for Fiscal Studies, will identify the competencies required for the performance of the evaluation function and design specific training plans to assess public policies for women employees and employees ”.


The competency framework in evaluating public policies. General state administration that here reflects the work done by an interdepartmental group who has worked in the second half of 2022 in the identification of the set of skills, knowledge and skills needed to fulfil the function evaluation commission.

This set of competences is located within the purview of the ecosystem INAP (access), as an essential benchmark in the professionalization of the functions of state.

The Framework aims to define the capacities of the General state administration to carry out evaluation processes with a high level of expertise, and establish a common and transparent criteria for assessing the level of development. In Addition, this shall identify the training needs and career development in this area. It defines the professional skills required for the effective performance of the roles and responsibilities of different profiles relating to the evaluation of policies. Ultimately, its purpose is to make a reference for the rest of the promoters of training in the improvement of public policies, essential pillar of the government.

Competency framework in evaluating public policies

The institute for the evaluation of public policies (INTRODUCED)

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