Análisis de Impacto Normativo. Impacto en cargas administrativas

The purpose of the report of the Regulatory Impact analysis is to ensure that, when drafting and adoption of a project, with all necessary information for estimating the impact that the rule to its addressees and agents.

The rules that form our legal system should be simple, its contents should be easily understood by those.

El 27 de octubre de 2017 el Consejo de Ministros aprobó elRoyal Decree 931/2017 which regulates the memory of Regulatory Impact analysisand repealingthe previous text of the year 2009. The new royal decree is designed to develop the forecasts contained in the new wording in article 26.3 of theLaw 50/1997, of 27 november, the GovernmentbyLey 40/2015, de 1 de octubre, de Régimen Jurídico del Sector Públicowhen it comes to the memory of Regulatory Impact analysis that must accompany the draft bills and Real projects Decretos-Leyes, actual Legislative Decrees and regulations. It adapts to the developments of new administrative laws and the recommendations and best practices of oecd and the european Union. The text also contains a term of 6 months for the adaptation of the current Methodological Guide for the development of the MAIN.

You must know...

TheRegulatory Impact analysisit is a tool for better regulation which classifies and organizes information important to assess the impact of a policy initiative in order to help in the process of approval.

TheReport of Regulatory Impact analysis (MAIN)it is the document summarizes the information that accompanies the policy level, justifying its timeliness and necessity and carried out an estimate of the impact in different areas of the reality of its adoption.

In theMAINidentifying, with an estimate of the economic quantification, administrative burdens that introduces the rule and/or that have been eliminated or reduced over the regulation.