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This Space is the web site enabled by the ministry of Territorial policy and Public Role in facilitating the autonomous communities and public universities the referral to the Central register of data necessary for the preparation of the Statistical Bulletin of staff in the service of the Public Administrations (BEPSAP).

Transfer of information on troops in the service of the Autonomous Communities and universities for the preparation of the BEPSAP

The Statistical Bulletin of personnel to public administrations (BEPSAP) is a statistical operation included in the National Statistical Plan and, therefore, the transfer of data is compulsory for AAPP, in accordance with article 7 of law 12/1989, of 9 may, a statistical function, and the additional provision of the fourth law 4/1990, of 29 june, of general state budget for the year 1990.

Con objeto de recabar la información estadística de efectivos al servicio de las Comunidades Autónomas y Universidades (referidas en este último caso al personal no inscrito en RCP) e incluir estas cifras en el BEPSAP, se ha desarrollado un “Sistema de Información de Estadísticas de personal" (SIEP) que sustituye al envío de ficheros en formato hoja de cálculo que se remitían en semestres anteriores.

To facilitate the process of transferring information is shown below the relationship and instructions of the models of the continental SIEP. This documentation is also available in the Portal of Autonomous communities and the Portal for administrative management.


In the newsletter for january 2023 is going to implement an important modification of the data structure in order to conform to the law 20/2021, of 28 december on urgent measures for the reduction of temporary jobs and also public allow better monitoring and control of temporary jobs.

You can find the outline of data used, as well as the regulatory framework of each category of personnel in the following document:

2023 _ 01 _ SIEP _ categories _ use _ public _ CCAA.xlsx


In case you need to make any consultation or technical problem related to the system can lead SIEP, at the following link, where you can find a form of consultations.

Consultation and technical problems,


Access to continental SIEP is achieved through:

SIEP platform

In addition you can consult theManual on the functioning of the Implementation SIEP.