6 reasons to work in Administration

1. You will be able to work in any sector you like.

Whatever sector you are interested in working in, you will find your place, the administration is very wide! Check here the public employment opportunities that we offer you every week and here our help for the preparation of competitive examinations.


2. Your work will always have an impact on people's lives.

Everything that is done in the Administration matters and has an impact on the lives of citizens. The Administration has great professionals at the service of others. You can see here some examples of what we do

3. The Administration needs your ideas and approaches to be innovative.

We are building the administration of the future and for that .... we need your talent! Only with your ideas, your collaboration and commitment we can do it. Will you join us? Click here for more information on how to join

4. Our work environment is diverse and inclusive of all people.

Diversity is our strength and our hallmark. Respect and dignity of people directs and guides all our actions. We also have opportunities for people with disabilities.


5. You will be able to develop a successful and satisfying professional career

To help you advance your career, we offer training and promotion support programmes. We believe in lifelong learning, which is why we have our Training School. Find out more here

6. Conciliation and guaranteed salaries

The Administration offers you a stable job, with guaranteed salaries and adapted to each level of studies. In addition, you will have the flexibility to reconcile personal, family and work life.